Located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia

Australian Labradoodles are beautiful intelligent dogs. Our puppies are born in our home and are handled from their first day. We not only guarantee genetic health, but our puppies' temperaments as we have very strict requirements for the temperaments of the breeding dogs in our program. Puppies are examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed/neutered (de-sexed). We also provide ongoing support to our puppy owners.

Reserving an Australian Labradoodle from Alpen Ridge is your best assurance of a happy, healthy dog that will be a loving part of your family for years.

Is your child ready for a puppy?  See this article from Dr. Becker

Here are some considerations you'll have when choosing your Australian Labradoodle Puppy:

  • Coat: Fleece or wool - both less shedding.  Hair, Hair combination, more shedding.
  • Size: Miniature (13 - 16+ inches, 33 cm - 43 cm) at the shoulder, about the size of a medium Beagle) Medium (17 - 20 inches, 43+ cm - 53 cm at the shoulder, around the size of a border collie) Standard (21+ inches, 53+ cm, approximately the size of a standard poodle).
  • Gender: Male or female
  • Color: Cream, caramel, gold, apricot, red, chocolate, café, parchment, black, phantom, parti and occasionally some rare colors. PLEASE NOTE: Most colors get lighter with age.

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