The Phantom Australian Labradoodle is considered a rare color and is best described as a solid body color with distinct markings, such as those found on a doberman or rottweiler.  They are not random markings.  Some markings show up more than others, but they are always feet, chest, cheeks, muzzle, under the tail and under the ears.  Sometimes the face and chest markings are large and blend together.  The solid body color can vary.  These pictures are Australian Labradoodles of Alpen Ridge.  These are black and tan, black and silver, blue and silver, chocolate and tan, chocolate and cream.  You can see the consitency of the markings.

Black and Tan Australian Labradoodle

Black and Silver Australian Labradoodle Adult

Blue and silver phantom Australian Labradoodle

Alpen Ridge chocolate and Tan phantom puppy

Chocolate and cream phantom Australian Labradoodle

Phantom tail markings

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