All photos are the property of Alpen Ridge Australian Labradoodles and are of Alpen Ridge dogs.

Australian Labradoodle breed standard list three acceptable sizes: miniature, medium and standard.  Toys are not desired or acceptable.

Australian Labradoodles come in many colors of solid and marked or patterns, and several shades of some colors.

Solid Colors

Chalk is one of the easiest recognized colors.  Chalky white with a dark nose.

Tegan Park Summer Fling chalk miniature wool Australian Labradoodle

Cream is an off white color that can vary from a little darker than chalk to a deep creamy color and can also have gold or apricot highlights.  Often the ears are darker.  Creams have a black nose.

Alpenridge River Sprite Cream Fleece coat Australian Labradoodle

Caramel Cream is the same as a cream, except with a rose nose, which indicates double recessive for chocolate.  They also often have hazel eyes as adults.

Caramel Cream Fleece Coat Australian Labradoodle from Alpen Ridge

Gold or apricot Australian Labradoodles have a uniform golden or apricot color to the coat that goes down to the skin.  Ears are sometimes darker gold/apricot.  Nose is black.

Gold Fleece Australian Labradoodle Adult at Alpen Ridge

Apricot Australian Labradoodle spiral fleece coat at Alpen Ridge

Caramel and caramel apricot have the same color as the gold and apricot except they have the rose or brown nose which indicates double recessive for chocolate.

Caramel Australian Labradoodle at Alpen Ridge

Caramel Apricot Australian Labradoodle puppy from Alpen Ridge

Red Australian Labradoodles range from and orangey red to a dark red.  Quite often they lighten with age, some going almost apricot cream.  Reds have a black nose, unless they are a caramel red, then they have the brown or rose nose.

Red Australian Labradoodle puppies at Alpen Ridge

Adult Red Australian Labradoodle in short trimmed coat

Black Australian Labradoodles have some of the most luxurious coats of all the colors.  Beautiful glossy black that often will get red highlights from sun bleaching.

Black Fleece Australian Labradoodle puppy at Alpen Ridge

Chocolate Australian Labradoodles is another color that has different shades.  Puppies that are born chocolate can later become parchment, lavender, cafe or stay dark chocolate.  It is more common for them to lighten, than to stay dark chocolate.  Breeding in black lines can sometimes help keep the darker chocolate colors.  A puppy that is born light milk chocolate will always lighten, usually to parchment.  Nose color is always rose or chocolate, never black.  Some people mistake sun bleached black dogs for dark chocolate.  But black dogs have black noses.

Dark Chocolate Australian Labradoodle at Alpen Ridge

Chocolate Cafe Australian Labradoodle of Alpen Ridge

Lavender Australian Labradoodles tend to be rare and have a slight lavender cast to their coat.

Lavender Australian Labradoodle Fleece Coat at Alpen Ridge

Parchment eventually turns to a creamy parchment paper color with age

Parchment Australian Labradoodle Puppy from Alpen Ridge

Patterned or non-solid colors

Phantom Australian Labradoodles have a solid body color with distinct markings like a doberman or rottweiler.  The base color can be black, chocolate, blue, and even red.  The markings may vary in intensity, but are always a lighter color than the base coat and always on legs, chest, eye brows, cheeks, under tail and under ears.  Some phantoms markings are so slight that they can only be seen under the tail and part of the legs.  Others can have such bold markings as to blend together, usually on face and chest.  Phantom is considered a rare color and one that Alpen Ridge has concentrated on producing but not giving up quality to produce color.

Chocolate and cream phantom Australian Labradoodle from Alpen Ridge

Alpen Ridge Black and Silver Phantom Australian Labradoodle puppy

Black and Silver Fleece Australian Labradoodle tail markings

Parti Australian Labradoodles are a white dog with random colored spots.  Once rare, now they are much more common.

Black parti Australian Labradoodle puppy at Alpen Ridge

Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle fleece coat at Alpen Ridge

Australian Labradoodle Gold parti fleece at Alpen Ridge

Sable Australian Labradoodles are considered another rare color.  Sables tend to be born solid but quickly start showing a lightening in flanks that then spreads to other areas with a light undercoat and dark tips.  Sables can have dark muzzles and dark saddles, or backs.  Because of the hair growth of the Australian Labradoodles, the dark tips are often trimmed off, but some dogs keep the dark on the back down to the skin.  Very beautiful color!  Base color can be black, tan or chocolate.

Tan Sable Australian Labradoodle at Alpen Ridge

Rare Silver Sable phantom Australian Labradoodle puppy

Silver Sable Phantom Australian Labradoodle puppy

Chocolate Sable Australian Labradoodle Puppy at Alpen Ridge

Chocolate Sable Australian Labradoodle at Alpen Ridge

Blue Merle Australian Labradoodles are very rare.  Alpen Ridge has had it’s first litter with blue merles.  These puppies have a marbling effect, similar to an Australian shepard.  Blue merle is a dominant gene and should only be bred to solid dogs that do not carry blue merle.  Being a dominant gene, this is not hard to determine.  This photo shows three blue merles.  One may actually be a sable merle, as she has a brown tint to the lighter color.

Blue Merle Australian Labradoodle puppies at Alpen Ridge

Rare blue merle Australian Labradoodle puppy at Alpen Ridge

More pictures coming as these puppies mature.

Blue tick Australian Labradoodle is another rare color.  It is actually a parti that has a lot of ticking, or small spotting in the white.  Some consider this undesirable, while others really like the “blue back ground” with the black spots.

Blue ticked Australian Labradoodle puppy from Alpen Ridge

Blue ticked Australian Labradoodle at Alpen Ridge

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