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Service dogs, therapy dogs, vet and trainer.  More customer comments below too.

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April 2013

Email forwarded to me:

This is from Al:

Very seldom does a "Therapy Story" touch me anymore (guess I am exposed to it to much and expect it) but this one is different. Alpenridge SM Stylish Jacques "Jacques or Little Man" is an active stud with Barksdale who lives with his wonderful folks (Tom & Linda Montgomery) in Hattiesburg, MS.



 Hello Jacqueline and Al,

 I wanted to share an experience that Jacques and I had yesterday.  As usual, he amazed me with his intuitiveness and canine kindness.  Perhaps, that is a labradoodle trait.  I know that it is a trait that Jacques has.  We experienced it first hand when Mary Lacy was recuperating last May and June. 

 We were out for a walk around 9:00 a.m. yesterday when I saw the fire rescue truck at the home of an elderly neighbor.   I decided to check on Sybil before returning home because the firemen had left.  Surprisingly, Jim, the husband, answered the door using a walker to make it to the door.  He had returned home from the hospital on Sunday after being there for nine months.  Jim looked frail and frantic because Sybil had fallen and they had used Life Alert to get help.  Sybil called out that she needed help so he asked "us" to come inside. Because both elderly people are on walkers with seats, they are very dependent.  With Jacques on his leash, I helped Sybil and returned to talk with Jim, deciding to wait for the lady who stays during the day to arrive. 

 In addition to being frail and stressed, Jim has severe Parkinson's or something similar on one side of his body.  He reached out for Jacques with his shaking hand and Little Man walked right up to his chair and sat for Jim to pet him.  Each time we would move away to help Sybil, Jacques would go back to his post for Jim to pet him.  The calming effect that his presence had on the elderly couple, especially Jim, was evident.  I felt like I witnessed a very special situation, much like you probably often see with your hospice and special needs work.  I don't think that I will ever forget it.  We went back over last night to check and, of course, took Jacques.  He was the main one that they wanted to see.

 Sorry to go on, but I wanted to share a little something about Jim that I did not know until yesterday.  He was a Prisoner of War in WW II, as a 20-year-old airman whose plane went down over Japanese waters.  The plane made it into Russian territory before going down and the soilders were taken to Afghanistan as prisoners for 9 1/2 months. A book, Home from Siberia, was written about the escapes of four groups and his was one of them.  Jim was the youngest prisoner from his plane.  I was in the presence of greatness yesterday.  Although it sounds dramatic, the picture of a little white dog bringing calmness to one of America's heroes whose body is small, frail, and shaking is a precious moment in time that I will not forget.  Of course, talking with a WW II veteran was talking with someone close to the ages of our fathers and that was special. 

 Have a great day and Little Man says hello.


October 2011

Just a note to tell you how much respect I have for you as a breeder & dog owner.  You create lovely dogs that make a difference in so many lives!  Your attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed.  It is truly my honor and pleasure to do your veterinary work - thank you for giving me (and us!) the opportunity!

Without a doubt your success will continue and your business will grow - you deserve it!


July 2011

From a well known local trainer:

... I also want to take this time to thank you for the referrals for my classes. I currently have two of your new owners in my puppy class, Monica ..., and Sharon...; and Colleen ..., and Jim ... in my beginner class. All of your puppy owners are extremely dedicated and usually take classes all the way through intermediate and or agility. I always look forward to having them in my classes; dedicated owners with puppies with excellent temperaments, a trainers dream. Thanks for breeding quality dogs with health clearances. That's hard to find here in Central Oregon.


January 2012Ranger caramel fleece Australian Labradoodle-med-small.jpg

Kirkton's Ranger (Dude)

Retires early to become a full time therapy/service dog to a child with a brain disease.

Sending all our love and encouragement to his family.







March 2011nathan therapy dog vest.jpg

Hi Sue,
Here is the picture from Nathan's first day (doing therapy work).  We were at an elementary school in 3 classrooms of children with mental, emotional and physical disabilities.
He was very sweet and all things considered, he did very well. I think he is very well suited for this work. Friday we are at a hospital.
You'de be proud!





nathan nancy CGC.jpgFebruary 2011 La Quinta, California


Alpenridge Rarity's Nathan at only 7 months old receives his AKC Canine Good Citizen Award!!!  Wow, go Nathan and Nancy!  Nathan is a silver sable phantom.  Very rare gorgeous color.  Next goal is certification as a Therapy Dog.










December 2010 Portland, OregonBlack2520Phantom2520wool2520coat2520Australian2520Labra.jpg

Sunsethills Stylish Impression, (Stella) became a CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG!  That makes it all worth it!  Seeing these dogs become service and therapy dogs is truly a dream come true.  Yeah Stella, good work.  I knew you were a special girl!

Stella is a rare black and silver phantom.

Update 6/2011 Portland OR

Well I just can't thank you enough for Stella and the guardian experience was very cool!  It was so neat to take care of her through her pregnancies and then to see the puppies!  I'm so glad that we can follow some of them through your facebook page too.  It's wondeful seeing her legacy continue through her beautiful puppies and grand-puppies and seeing them placed in homes where they are so loved!  It is nice to have her full-time but I will miss visiting the ranch!  Stella has become such a special part of our family.  She will be flying (in cabin as a service dog) with me and the kids again next month.  She is so amazing, she knows when I'm getting nervous and will nose my leg and wag her tail at me, just saying "It's fine, relax", what an amazing dog!


October 2010 Eugene, OregonMia side stand-med.jpg


Mia passed her Canine Good Citizen Award and is working towards her Therapy Dog certification.  Congratulations Mia and Kristi for a job well done!

Mia is also attending agility classes.  As her mom says, "She is a superstar!"




Buddy and England cafe Australian labradoodle-small.JPGJuly 2010 Cari, California

Attached is a picture of Buddy and Dr. Roger Mugford, Britain's Leading
Animal behaviorist. Dr. Mugford spent two hours with Buddy. He said "if I
could, I would clone him." He also asked if he could take Buddy home to
England with him. Needless to say he was very impressed with Buddy!!! He
said he was a very smart, friendly, well trained dog.





Obi20receiving20CGC.jpgMar. 2010 Kathleen, OR

Sue, I am so excited to tell you that we just got back from our Canine Good Citizenship Test and Oberon passed with flying colors! The testers said he was the best dog they had all night! He was such a good boy! We cannot wait to do the Therapy Dog Class that starts the end of June. We are on our way to doing the volunteer work that we really want to do and spread the Oberon joy. We love our labradoodle! Thank you so much for such a sweet, loving and smarty pants dog. We love him so much.

Congratulations Obi and Kathleen!





dad-zeb-grad-small.jpgMay 2010 Tom, WA

This letter is in support of Sue Broady of Alpen Ridge Labradoodles. I would recommend working with Sue as she is very professional and cares about placement of her dogs. I recently purchased a black neutered male (Zeb) from her that has turned out to be a very nice dog and pet. She followed through with everything we discussed and has since.

Here is Zeb and his dad graduating from obedience class at 6 months old! Therapy dog work is being considered for Zeb since he is such a "people dog". Go Zeb and Tom!




More Comments

January 2012 Kristen

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that Rorie is doing good.  By my calculations she turned 8 this December which seems unbelievable!  She is not acting like "an older dog", she still has a lot of spunk! (Kristen has had Rorie for 5 years) I've enclosed my favorite poem.  You've probably already read it before but it just makes me think that it could have been me talking about Rorie in this poem.  (here is a link to the poem for those who might want to read it, it is great)


November 2011 Debby, Seattle, WA


Oh my lands the puppy is so beautiful, what a love Sue, thank you

(Debby is a return customer to Alpen Ridge)

September 2011 Jody, Greenacres, WA

Lucy and I just finished her first obedience class and she did wonderful! The obedience teacher named Lucy the valedictorian of the class.  She really seems to get the idea of what's being taught easily and I'm very excited to keep doing more classes with her.  We've also been doing lots of puppy play dates with dogs of different breeds and ages and I think that is really helping socialize Lucy too.

August 2011 Kristen

I can hardly believe it's coming to the end of another summer... I have to tell you that I get the biggest kick out of reading all the Facebook posts from all the other dog owners.  How great it is to know that everyone thinks they have "the best dog", or "the best puppy".  That says a lot about how great these dogs are!  I so want to write on the FB page that I have the original "best" pup. LOL! Because that's how I feel!  Rori is doing amazing as usual.  She is the best dog ever!:)

August 2011 Barry, Bend, OR

What a wonderful visit with you, the puppies and the girls.  We were so impressed with the cleanliness of the puppies' environment and the sociability of your dogs.  It is obvious from seeing your dogs' home and talking with you that not only do you have an excellent breeding program but also that you have the best interest of your labradoodles at heart.  You will see us again when we are ready to take home one of your darlings.  Thank you sor informing us about the breed, it's history and your program as well as answering all our questions and making us feel at home.


July 2011 Allison, Baltimore, Maryland

I have been meaning to write to you to tell you how much I hve been enjoying my beautiful girl, Tilly... She has a wonderful personality, is so much fun to be around, and is truly my best friend.  I can't believe I have had her over a year already!  She also takes her green elephant that you sent with her on the plane everywhere she goes.  It is her baby and her favortie toy.


July 2011 Margaret, Bend, OR

Just a note to tell you how great Myrtle Mae is doing.  She just finished her series of shots and weathered them well.  She goes potty on command.  She eats well and sleeps through the night.  Since my Pearly Mae sleeps with me so does Myrtle.

She is the most personable dog I have known.  She is agreeable and gentle with just enough mischief in her eyes to make life interesting and fun.  I love her so much and love seeing the joy in others as they meet her.  My exteneded family met her this past weekend and it was love at first sight.  I carry your cards with me and if people are interested I give them a card.

I do want to thank you for picking out the perfect dog for me.  I feel so lucky.

May 2011, Tara, Waunakee, WI

Sue. He had his vet check on Friday. The vet said he was a very healthy puppy. Very impressed with the breeder. She said it was the cutest puppy she has seen in a long time.

May 2011, Jan, Moraga, CA

Hi Sue

I wanted to give you an update on Piper. Last week she went to her first puppy class and she was a star. There were six puppies all a bit nervous about the new surrounding and other dogs. Not Piper! She was ready to play with every puppy there and had no fear of being in a new environment. She was a little pistol. Potty training is going great. I am teaching her to ring "Ding Dong Bells" that hang on the door I want Piper to use when she has to go potty. Yesterday she went to the door and nudged it with her nose very gently when she had to go potty so I know she is getting the hang of it.

May 2011, Leann, Albany, OR

I have been meaning to write you for some time now to tell you how happy our family has been with Daphne, who we purchased from you in December of 2009. She has been a great dog and is so well behaved. I remember you saying that she was like your shadow ... And boy is she! She is never more than 4 feet from and prefers to be on me.thanks again :)


April 2011, Gail, Canada

   This is a long overdue note to let you know that Cooper is adjusting well to living with (us, name removed for privacy) and us to his life.  Things in this household have changed a great deal since his arrival (for the better). John is the 1 person that we were worried about and there are no alllergies or probelms with his breathing as he has asmatha.  John is Cooper's pal as he is retired and spend a great time doing chores around the house.

   Cooper has just found out this week that he enjoys the beach.  As cold as the Atlantic is this time of year, he was in the water up to his belly and loved it.

  He has added soooo much to our life I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this precious gift. 

April 2011, Brandon, Beverly Hills, CA

Hello. We just had our Labradoodle's 1st birthday. I wanted to say how completely satisfied my girlfriend and I are with our little guy. Jonesy has made our family even more complete and brought an indescribable joy to our lives.


April 2011, Kris, Bend, OR

Just had to brag about Zander! We are clicker training and he already does sit, down, and shake! We are so in love and he is good and soooo smart :)
Thank you


April 2011, Amy, Bend, OR

Jordan still loves to be held like a baby, it’s just the sweetest thing.  He also loves to be rubbed!  When he gets up in the morning he comes out of the kennel and lays there for me to give him a 4 or 5 minute rub.  It’s pretty cute, he’s really in no hurry to go outside for the restroom.
We are thoroughly enjoying this little boy, thank you for entrusting him to us!


March 2011, Maryann, IL

Congratulations on all your beautiful new puppies! They are so precious! Its been almost a month now that our little sweetheart Bella came home to us,and I wanted to tell you we just LOVE her! She is smart,adorable and has the best personality! Thanks to you,she goes right her her potty pad every time and now even walks right to her bed when she is tired. We are working on many things right now on own own and getting ready for her to start her puppy class next week. Everyday we grow closer and communicate better,and she makes us all so very happy. She is patient,listens well and is a PERFECT fit for our family! Everyone she meets so enjoys her,and asks when they can see her again!  Thank you Sue for making it possible for her to be a special part of our lives. The VERY BEST to you ALWAYS! Take Care


March 2011, Shari, CA (Owner of 2 Alpen Ridge Puppies)


I apologize it has taken me so long to give you an update on Lucy.

 She & Charlie are best friends.  In fact, Charlie has come to be much like a big brother in the way it protects her and watches over her.  Lucy is everything you said she was and more.  Her personality is so sweet, lovable and enjoys being held and cuddled.  Although, she holds her own with Charlie and any of the other dogs. 

 It is very interesting to have Charlie who holds back and assesses everyone and everything prior to giving his approval and Lucy who greets everyone with open arms and has yet to show any reluctance when meeting anyone new.  

 She draws as much attention from strangers, just as Charlie does I keep handing out your cards & referring people your way.  Hopefully, some will find their way to see your dogs.  People recognize the quality of Lucy’s and Charlie’s breeding and have a great appreciation for them. 

 John & I are very, very, pleased with both of our pups and the time you put into each or your litters.  We do not know of any other breeder that does such a great job. 

 We look forward to many, many years of their companionship and the enjoyment of their being a part of our family.  It’s funny how things work out, to not have been looking for another pup and to have things fall into place with Lucy as they did it was meant to be.  We can’t imagine things without her.


February 2011, Eric, Redmond, OR


Hi Sue:  I just wanted to report that Gracie is doing wonderfully well.  What an incredible dog!  When I've taken her out in Redmond, people stop and say what a gorgeous dog she is!  And I brought her in to the children's sermon last Sunday, and the congregation all said, "Awwwhhhh."

January 2011 Ana, Mexico City, Mexico

Hi sue everything went very well, she is adorable!!!!, I hold her all day she is like a baby!!!, I took her with me in the plane and she was so well behaved!!!! We're keeping her name polka!!!

December 2010 Sharon, Washington

I know I touch base every now and then on Facebook, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love Sang my Alpen Ridge Labradoodle. He is an absolute joy and brings me happiness everyday. He is a goof sometimes who likes to 'steal' things in the hopes of a game of chase ( so far he has never destroyed anything except maybe a tissue or paper bag.) I love to watch him run, he is fast, agile and athletic and his face just glows with happiness when he runs. He loves to cuddle, play fetch, he loves people, he loves to play with other dogs - but tends to prefer one on one play rather than group play, he likes to nap in front of the fireplace, he will hop on my bed but not off even though he is more than capable - if he is on the bed I can leave the room to do an chore and he will be right there when I get back. We have taken 4 classes together the last one a CGC prep class, we are hoping to take the test in March if we are ready. I take him to the beach, to Ewe-Topia herd dog training where he is learning to herd ducks, we go on group hikes with other friends and their dogs - Sang always does about 6 times the distance as everyone else as he runs ahead and back so much. When we hike he checks in with me even if I don't call him. He comes to work with me everyday and is always well behaved. We have a little bit of a separation issue but we are working to overcome that. He LOVES to eat! He has play dates with Ruby another Alpen Ridge Labradoodle and they get along fabulously!! I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews and he plays with them wonderfully too, the youngest 2 are 18 months and he is terrific with them. I baby sat a friends 8 month old baby, if the baby took a toy of Sangs he would not take it from the baby but wait until the baby put it down. I could go on and on he is truly the perfect dog for me. I am so glad that out of his whole litter you chose him for me.

May 2010 Gina, Colorado

Hi Sue,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to give you an up date on our blue collar little tank boy. We have named him Choco-latte, and goes primarily by Choco. He is a total love, and doing amazing. He has stolen all of our hearts as soon as we saw him. He has slept through the night from day 2, and was very easy to potty train with a bell. He is really great at ringing the bell on the door when he needs to go out. We did not do a dogie door because we have a lot of coyotes hanging around. His training is coming along beautifully, and he is extremely smart. My brother the trainer could not be more impressed, and he is equally in love with him. He is completely socialized, and does great with kids, and we take him everywhere with us. He does great at soccer games and lets kids pet him and just hangs out pretty cool. We had a huge family dinner and when he got tired he just went to the back room and took a nap, regulated himself beautifully with getting over stimulated. He is defiantly more female friendly when meeting new people but really comes around when he feels they are safe. We cannot thank you enough for this little treasure in our life, we are now on the top of the good-parent list with our kids...
PS. Choco does amazing on leash and loves lots of walks, however they are very difficult to get through, because we are constantly getting stopped with questions on what kind of dog and how absolutely cute he is. I am constantly giving out you name. Having Choco around in public is probably like being with a celebrity, he's a rock star!!!

April 2010 Myra, Oregon
Hello Sue:
I just wanted to say hello and tell you how happy we are with Brody.  He is everything we hoped for and more.

Apri. 2010 Leslie, Oregon
Gabby continues to be such a joy.  She has adjusted so well to her new home, and she has made many new friends (both humans and dogs).  She and Mia had a play date last weekend, so Kristi and I are now acquainted.  Gabby loves to go to baseball games, and no one can believe how well behaved she is!  She asks to go outside and has been house broken for over a week. She's the best pup ever!!!

Apr. 2010 Merrily

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy Kallie. She still gets
very excited to see all kids and dogs and people as well. She had fun
spending much of last week trying to help us watch our 4 and 5 year
old granddaughters. Everyone who sees her just stops to ask
questions. We have given your name out several times. People we don't
really know, call her by name as they walk by our house.

Mar. 2010 Shari, CA

I thought I would send you an update on Charlie.  He made the trip from Bend to Redding, Ca just great.  No car sickness at all.  In fact he slept until we hit the border.  He got out, did his thing, got back in, and slept the rest of the way.

He and Brandy are doing quite well considering her attitude and controlling personality. Charlie has become Sage’s side kick.  Sage is our son’s German Wirehaired Pointer – 3 yrs old.  They enjoy each other a lot and I believe look forward to seeing each other every morning.

 I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for all your time in training Charlie.  I have never known a breeder that had the desire or taken the time to do the things you do with your puppies.  The exposure Charlie had with your adult dogs wherein they taught him respect has made the adjustment of adding a puppy to our family with a number of adult dogs with varying personalities a joy.  He respects each of them and doesn’t bother or overwhelm them, but isn’t afraid of playing at all with Sage following Sage’s encouragement to do so. 

Your time and training in holding Charlie definitely shows.   He is so confident and relaxed.   He does not try to jump or squirm out of anyone’s arms leading to possible injury.  Everyone he has been introduced to is certainly impressed with his mannerism. He also enjoys laying on his back when I brush him in the evening.  He is such a delight and has brought so much joy not only for John & I but our entire family.   Our grandsons look forward to seeing him every day after school.

Your description of Purple Collar Boy (now Charlie) was right on in every detail.

Please send me some of our business cards.  So many of our friends and strangers want to know more about you and your dogs.   I must say having had various breeds of dogs from many different breeders John & I have never had the good fortune and experience that you have given us with Charlie.   We look forward to recommending you every chance we get.   We are so happy with Charlie that we will definitely be looking to you for another puppy when the time comes.  Both of us having had dogs all our life, nearing fifty nine years, have never had such a wonderful, positive experience with a new puppy.  Don’t be surprised if our son and his wife are in contact with you in the near future, they too are quite impressed with Charlie and his training.

Mar. 2010 Barbara, OR

THANK you for allowing us to come to your home, this afternoon. You are a wonderful woman, who is doing such good things for the breed. I have to admit that I was awestruck by it all. The lovely mommy dogs you had on the porch, your immaculate home, your care and knowledge; all of this was a massive comfort to me.
As I am sure you could see, Kevin and I know that Camo Collar girl is our dog. It is what we have been looking for, but hadn't found, until now. She is exactly as you described (actually, she is even better than that).

Feb. 2010 Rebecca, AZ

He really is a beautiful puppy!!  (Second puppy from Alpen Ridge)

Jan. 2010 Sam, NY

Lilly is doing great she's doing really well in agility. She just finished her first session of training she's really fast and can jump high to, she jumped 2 feet from a stand still.

Jan. 2010 Erin

Happy new year!

I just wanted to send you a picture of Daisy since she looks so different from when she was a baby. She is still absolutely adorable and so incredibly sweet. Everyone who comes across her (even strangers on the street) fall in love with her as soon as they meet her.

Jan. 2010 Laura

Hi Sue!!
Thought I would let you know how Clyde is doing-  He has fit right into the family!... He is such a sweet dog, loves to
cuddle and be held! He also loves to run around with the kids in the
backyard, and really loves the car rides!! Ha
He has been very easy to train.. He can sit, lay down and stay,
working on "shake hands" right now!
We love Clyde! Cannot believe how easy he's been!!  So thank you! I will send more pics as he gets bigger!

Dec. 2009 Carol, GA

Merry Christmas to you too!  Rascal is wonderful...or continues to be, you already knew how great I think he is .  Flattering for you I have had a couple of breeders wanting to buy him, he won't go anywhere, he not only is a stud here but our family pet.  He is one of those dogs whos temperament steels your heart...not to mention what a pretty boy he is...

Dec. 2009 Scott & Laurie, MA

Bunker is doing great!  He looks just like his father!  He's brought a lot of joy to our household!

Nov. 2009 Becky, Alaska

We're back home again, and I'm sitting here with little Ginger in my lap... she is wonderful! What a little sweetheart.  And already responding to her name! Thanks for providing our family with such a beautiful little addition.

Nov. 2009 Kathleen, OR

Just to let you know.  Oberon passed his Beginner Two class  and did great!   We start  Canine Good Citizenship class Jan 2nd.  I cannot wait to complete it and go for therapy!  The teacher thinks that he should be able to easily test for therapy without additional classes.  She gave us a list of things we have to complete for CGC and Oberon and I will be working on them before class.  They have a CGC test on Dec 2nd but I am not sure he is quite ready or that I have enough time to get him ready for it.  The teacher thinks we should go for it and try and place  out with a little extra work on things at home.  He is still such a puppy about things so I am not sure what he will do sometimes.  He just loves to play.  He is truly my sidekick!  I will keep you posted and try to get a pic with his certificate.

Hope all the puppies and Limerick are doing well.      (See above where Obi did pass his Canine Good Citizens Award!)

Nov. 2009

Just a quick note on the 1st year anniversary of Charlie's arrival. He continues to bring us such joy. We can't imagine life without him!

Oct. 2009 Amy, ID

Toby is doing wonderfully.  He is so smart and easy going.  He is starting to become more “eager to please” (which I love).  We are really enjoying Puppy Kindergarten and I like to see his interactions with the other pups – so cute.


Fall 2009 Kristen


Where did Summer go? I can't believe we are into the Fall weather already. My Summer was busy and not all in a good way. A friend of mine has Stage 4 Cancer and getting him diagnosed and settled and organized at home has been a big undertaking for all that have been helping out. The "good" part of this sad story is that I have brought Rorie over several times now to visit my friend. She was nervous at first but with me (and my father came too) going in first she came right in. And trips after that she goes right in without any hesitation. My friends whole attitude changes when Rorie is around. He loves dogs and she just sits on his couch beside him and he just seems to perk up so much when she is around. I knew she would work her "magic" on him as she has just brought me so much joy. You just can't have a bad day when Rorie is around, it's just impossible.  She truly is a therapy dog in a lot of ways...

Sept. 2009 Kristi

Mia is doing wonderful.  She is developing quite a lovely sense of humor.  As well, there is a small park across the street from our house and she is playing regularly with a nice group of dogs there in the mornings.  She has also become quite the ball retriever!  Overall, I'd say Mia still enjoys hiking with me, but would much prefer playing at the park!  We finished puppy class and are in a treat based operant conditioning class, the third one in a series, called Urban Canine where we meet out at different places in the community to work on training with distractions.


Aug. 2009 Kristen


Rorie is awesome as ever. It's been two of the best years with her. I know, I know you've heard it all before. I just need to say it every couple of months to make sure you know how much I appreciate having her in my life.



June 2009 Courtney

Hi Sue-  I have been meaning to get a note to you to tell you how much we are enjoying Quincy.  He is so friendly and playful and smart.  He brings us so much joy and we are just so pleased to have him in our family. 
 You do a great job

June 2009 Tom
Haven't talked to you in a while.  Zeb of course is doing well.  He is so easy have a round and to train.  He does all kinds of things .... he can left shake vs. right shake vs. high five.  He can stay (Zen) for many minutes ... my girl friend's dog and Zeb have contests on staying focused (staying at a distance) and Zeb always wins .... (see above, Zeb receiving certificate)

May 2009 Rebecca, AZ
Hi Sue Just wanted to give you an update on our little Angel She
still is just that there is no one who has come in contact with
her that doesnt want to take her home with them; Have given your
name out to sooo many people

April 2009 Michael, US Marine Corps
Just wanted to drop you a note to say Lollee is doing great. She is very
intelligent and incredibly tolerant of the kids. All the kids love her and
her tolerance is most tested by our 2 year old. She loves to lay with her
and occasionally tries to wake her up (after a long day playing with kids
and the neighbors dog) by lifting her head and loudly calling her name

Mar. 2009 Stacy
Henry is the sweetest thing, we all love him dearly and he is my trainer's favorite out of my whole bunch.  He's happy-go-lucky and super eager to please.  He still has that bouncy puppiness about him that I love so much in these dogs.

Jan. 2009 Carrie
Abby's temperament is wonderful. She loves to meet new people, and she is extremely gentle with my three grandchildren (ages 4, 2, and 1). She was also very good with my elderly mom who came to visit recently.

Dec. 2008 Tricia
I write to recommend Sue Broady of Alpen Ridge Australian Labradoodles.  We purchased a black male puppy from Sue this fall and accepted delivery on 11/1/08.  The entire process was easy and seamless. 
 As an initial matter, her website was informative and gave important background on both the breed in general and her puppies in particular.  When we first spoke with Sue, she answered all our questions and seemed genuinely concerned that we select the right breed for our family needs instead of just making a sale.  At the time, she had 2 puppies remaining and she gently steered us to Charlie who was 12 weeks at the time.
Charlie arrirved from Oregon on a red-eye flight.  He exited the crate wagging his tail and hasn't stopped wagging it.  He is a friendly puppy, wonderful with my 10 year old son's friends and their younger siblings.  Our vet., during Charlie's initial visit, found him to be "perfect" and "very sweet".  He is great on a leash and takes 2-3 long walks a day.  He is very smart and has taken well to training.  
 To conclude, we had a very positive experience with Sue Broady of Alpen Ridge Australian Labradoodles and recommend her without qualification.

Dec. 2008 Allison, CA
Thanks for your email.  Cooper is doing AMAZING, he's really growing up to be such a good boy.  And the love we have for him is so incredible - he is our baby and we just can't get enough of him.  He's learning every day and he loves his training class - we take him every Sunday to the park for it.
Dec. 2008 Nancy
Hi Sue!  we are having such a fun time with Ziggy (Jackaroo)!!! 

Oct. 2008 Sue
We LOVE little 'Hazel".  This puppy is the most adorable thing!  I have had soooo many people commit on her, I have actually given a couple of your cards out.

May 2008 Ann
Mocha is doing well (She is the litter by Heidi and Buddy from 2006, right before you left for Australia) and I can't ask for a better or cuter dog! She is very smart and knows the names of all the family members (if you ask her to go find someone from the family, she'll run and find that person!). Everywhere we go, people want to pat her and are eager to know where I got her from.

Summer 2007

Just wanted to give you an update….Today Como did super!  He has not whined once, or acted worried about his environment.  We took him to the Farmers Market, so many great comments on him, all about his conformation, attitude.  He is going potty outside consistently.  Jonathan mentioned that it seems as though he has been with us for years.  Sometimes I look at him and he doesn’t even seem like a puppy.  Strange.  I am making an apt with our vet to see him in the next few days.  He follows us everywhere and never lets us out of his sight.  We had him on a leash at the market, he accepted it without a question.   What did you do to this puppy??  Did you send a puppy?  Seriously, he is so cool, sat outside with us tonight while we had a fire.  He is so full of character the way he manipulates his front paws, it’s as though he has little mittens.  We also took him to the pet store, he picked out a stuffed rabbit, carries it all over the place.  We are just so thrilled.   Your have chosen some incredible stock for your program.  Congrats.  Will send more photos soon.   You should probably send us some business cards.

2007 Ami

Stanley is the BEST dog ever. OK, I've never owned a dog in my life before now, but Chad has and he says that Stanley is such a great dog. He is smart as a whip - he has been doing his training for quite some time now and he is so well behaved....

Sue – Chad is doing much better, thank you for asking... Stanley was AMAZING at the hospital. He wore his vest the whole time, and he really understands now that vest = good behavior. He laid on the floor next to Chad's hospital bed for 18 straight hours minus potty and walk breaks. And the one time Chad left the room for a CT scan, Stanley was absolutely distraught – he parked himself exactly where Chad's bed was and wimpered for a bit. When Chad came back, he went straight back to his blanket (that I had put down on the cold icky floor) and slept peacefully again. He really knows that Chad is his master.

2007 Kristen

I am sure you must hear lovely stories from other people that have bought your puppies. However, I really feel like I could write a book about how happy I am with Rorie. She is just the Best thing to come into my life in such a long time. I feel she is a blessing. I am so grateful to my sister for finding her on-line for me. I am not much into the "fate" idea of things but I really feel that Rorie was meant to be with me. I've waited so long to find just the right type of dog to have and care for I feel like I struck gold with Rorie...

Anyway, like I said I'm sure you have heard many good stories about your puppies but I just wanted you to know how much I really appreciate that you picked me to care for Rorie. She's such a joy. Hope you had a nice weekend and all is well with you and your family. 

2007 Shelly, UT

It’s been a fun six months with our puppy and I thought I would drop you a note to show you how big he has gotten.  My daughters still love ‘dog ownership’ and he gets lots of play time when they are home from school. Gus has also turned out to be quite the good ‘trail pup’ as we have taken him on several hikes.  He loves to play with other dogs and runnnnnnnnnnn!!!.  I can’t thank you enough for choosing him for us.  He has been a great addition to our family and is still the ‘gorgeous boy’ at 55 pounds!  His disposition is very sweet and we have really enjoyed learning how smart he is!



Hi Sue,...I'll give Charlie a big hug from you. He asks how you are doing all the time. He loves to run like the wind in our backyard and we found out he travels well too. No more car sickness-yeah. We went to visit my brother at his recreational park about two hours away and Charlie loved it....He really did turn out to be an amazing dog... We keep waiting for the other "shoe" to drop. Because we can't believe how good he is. In the past year he hasn't destroyed anything not even a shoe. But, he does love to chew. He is a very special dog. His housebreaking went very quickly and you already know what a sweetie he is. I'm so glad we had the courage to get another dog - what a difference from our last dog. I know it's from your careful breeding and care. I think my last dog was from a puppy mill. I try to educate everyone I meet about that now that I know better.

2006 Ami

Oh Sue, Stanley (his new name J ) is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, that was a lot of exclamation points, but he is just the sweetest most adorable dog EVER!  He bonded like glue to me … and to Chad to a strong degree but not as much as me since I can move and I take him out, feed him, etc.  We have been on 10 walks so far and he is eating like a champ.



2006 Heather, Canada

I have a funny little boy sitting on my lap here.  We're quite sure he is the most adorable thing to have ever walked on four legs.  I can't imagine a better pup, coming from a trip like he had to a strange place and people...
We're enjoying every minute of him. My father is a reserved sort of fellow who often doesn't show much enthusiasm for things. He's 78, is still working a fairly stressful job 4 days a week in Halifax, and I think he's somewhat depressed. He grew up with dogs and my mother, brother and I often felt he related better to dogs than to people.  He hasn't had a dog now for years, and I'd been thinking that this little one might help him look a little more brightly at life.  He came over to meet him this morning, clearly loved him to pieces, and later told Mum that Tucker was the sweetest, most precious puppy he's seen in a very very long time.