Top Quality Australian Labradoodles
for Families and Breeders

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect with my puppy?

Your puppy will come micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed, vet exam,pedigree , starter packet, contract/guarantee, ongoing support, and unconditional love.

What is your genetic health guarantee?

Your puppy comes with a 24 month (2 years) genetic health guarantee. All breeding dogs are health tested before entering our program to try and have the least possible health issues with your puppy.

What is your temperament guarantee?

Alpen Ridge has strict guidelines on the temperament of our breeding dogs. Therefore, Alpen Ridge offers a 12 month (1 year) temperament guarantee. You must attend puppy obedience classes and be in contact immediately (within 1 week) with Alpen Ridge concerning any undesirable behavior. Socialization at an early age is paramount.  There are no "bad dogs", just depends on what is acceptable in your environment. For example, to some, having their dog on the bed or sofa is a delight. To others, it is not allowed. You are in control of most of your puppy's outcome, so it is imperative that you contact us with any questions. The idea that "they will grow out of it" is NOT TRUE. They must be trained, and that starts as a young puppy.

How will my puppy handle shipping?

Most puppies handle shipping well. Even so, it can be stressful, so they need lots of love and assurance when they arrive, and a mild diet. Alpen Ridge sends out a letter of special care instructions for your puppy before arriving.

Can I pick my own puppy?

Alpen Ridge sends prospective puppy owners an application with details about your family and lifestyle. A puppy is then chosen according to your criteria specified. The reason we do not let people "pick there own" puppy is because we have been with these little bundles of love from the moment they were born and are more familiar with their personalities. By coming and seeing a puppy one time and wanting it because it is "cute" (they are all cute) is not a good reason to take a puppy. You are however, welcome to come and pick your puppy up instead of shipping.

Many things are taken into consideration when placing a puppy. Temperament should always be primary. Does this puppy fit your lifestyle? If you want a jogging partner, you don't want the puppy who only wants to sit in your lap. You would want the outgoing fun loving puppy. If you are home bound, you would do well with the puppy who wants to be a snuggle partner. These are the types of specifications we consider when placing a puppy in a home.

There are NO dumb or silly questions. We would rather have you contact us with a concern than let it go and have it turn into something major. We also love to hear ongoing reports and stories about your puppy.