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The Boys

 Please request Stud Service Requirements if considering an Alpen Ridge boy for your girl

PLEASE NOTE: ALPEN RIDGE MAY HAVE FROZEN SEMEN AVAILABLE.  PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL.         Frozen semen is only guaranteed if implanted by an experienced vet.

Alpenridge Badge Of Honor (Captain)

Sunsethills Accolade + Sunsethills Wrapped In ChocolateBadge_of_Honor_-_Captain_8_mos_Standing.jpg

ALA # 015300202


Captain is a lovely chocolate fleece coat small standard boy.  Very loving and quite a clown.  He lives with his guardian family and their kitty.

Now standing for stud service in South Australia.  Captain is now proven and his first litter was 9 puppies.  He does not carry for cream.

Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid, prcdPRA clear, vWD clear, DNA typed, Orivet testing.

 Adelhills Raven's Flight
ALA #  Pending
Adelhills Sweet Jubilee + Sunsethills Simply Sensational
Medium black fleece boy that carries for cream and chocolate.  Raven is a personal pet and lives with my daughter.  He is a fun loving silly boy.  Loves going on camping trips and chasing a ball.
Raven has passed his health testing and now waiting on registration.
Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid, prcdPRA clear, vWD clear, DNA typed, Orivet testing.
McMahon's Wilson (Wilson)
ALA: pending

McMahon's Percy + McMahon's Willow
Medium chocolate cafe sable boy.  Very happy to have Wilson to bring in some new bloodlines to Alpen Ridge.  He is a happy boy.  Lives with his guardian family near the beach.
Wilson has passed his testing: Hips, Elbows, Cadiac, Thyroid, DNA typed, pracdPRA clear, vWD clear, Orivet testing.
Looking forward to his babies.

Taka (registered name withheld)
ALA: pendingTaka.jpg
Show quality red lg toy/mini poodle
Taka is an amazing little dog.  I couldn't ask for a better disposition.  He knows no strangers, lets children carry him around and is always happy.  The vets were very impressed with him and said he certainly doesn't act like a little dog.  I got Taka to bring in some new genetics to Alpen Ridge.  I'm really excited about this boy especially for the mini lines as he is so lovely.
Expecting some mini babies from him in 2017.
Health testing done: Hips, Elbows, Cadiac, Thyroid, DNA typed, pracdPRA clear, vWD clear, Orivet testing.

Alpenridge Hanzel

Frozen Semen in South Australia

Red Australian Labradoodle fleece coat.jpg


Alpenridge Folklore (Chloe) + Hale's Best Bet Super Nova (Gunner)

Beautiful red fleece coat medium boy that lives in Oregon.  He is actually darker than his photo as he was sun bleached there.  Lovely dog, very gentle.  Hansel's mother, Chloe, is now retired. 



Eat your heart out sitting-Alpen Ridge Australian Labradoodles.jpgSunsethills Eat Your Heart Out (Oscar)

              Retired     Frozen Semen in South Australia

ALCA # 116-10182009-017-D

ALAA # ALAA-021601                           Retired

ALA # E8100141704

Sunsethills Heart Breaker + Raresilvers Chocolate Kiss

Gorgeous Oscar is a small medium fleece coat caramel cream bbee (double recessive for chocolate). Lovely boning on this boy and a real sweetheart. I couldn't ask for a nicer boy. He lives with his guardians in Bend.

Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, CERF, Thyroid, prcdPRA clear by parentage, vWD clear by parentage, CBC, DNA typed
Frozen semen available to outside females.
                         More photos and offspring.

Raresilver Casino Royale (Bo)Bo chocolate fleece Australian Labradoodle-med.JPG

Sunsethills Gambler + Raresilver Lilly

Frozen Semen in South Australia

ALA #E3100147205                               Retired

ALCA #116-05092010-011-D

ALAA # 024940

Carries for parti

Great news!!! Beau carries for parti!  Gorgeous large medium chocolate fleece coat boy. What a chunk this guy is! 19.5 inches and 45lbs. Lovely boning. Very sweet boy who knows no strangers.  No Lil Brett in his lines so could cross very nicely with those that do.

Beau is now retired and will only be producing from frozen semen.

Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, CERF, Thyroid, Patellas, CBC, PRA clear


Sunsethills Caramel Corn (Zander)Zander- Caramel Corn Mini Australian Labradoodle caramel parti-sm.JPG bbee

Sunsethills Highland Rhythm+ Sunsethills Candy Cane

Frozen Semen in South Australia

ALA # EB100174100                             Retired

ALAA #25178

ALCA# 116-12112010-038-D

More photos. Small medium right at or almost 17" fleece coat boy, 30 lbs.  He has a wide chest and loin. Such a thrill to have this boy now added to our lineup of studs.  He is a true sweetheart with that lovely caramel and white parti coloring.  He is producing some lovely babies.  Zander is now retired and only producing from frozen semen.

Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid, CERF, Patellas, vWD clear, PRA clear


Alpenridge Jordache' (Oliver)Apricot Australian Labradoodle Oliver 11 mos-med.jpg

Sunsethills Designer Label + Tassie's Lil Poet

Frozen Semen in South Australia

ALAA# 22159                                                     Retired

ALCA# 116-12312010-029-D

Mini wool coat apricot caramel (bbee) 

Oliver is 15 inches and really solid, 26 lbs.  Oliver was born cream and gradually got darker and darker.  This is thrilling as we hope his offspring will do the same.  Oliver lives with his guardian family in Bend.  They had not been able to have a dog previously due to allergies, and Oliver's wool coat is just great for them.  He is much loved and cherished.

Oliver is now retired and only producing from frozen semen.

Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellas, Thyroid, CERF, Pra and vwd clear by parentage

Alpenridge Kausing Komotion (Butterscotch)

Alpenridge SM Lotta Style (Cadence) + Sunsethills Cauz For Applause (Max)

Frozen Semen in South Australia

ALAA # 027837Butter_1-2013-m.jpg

Super sweet fleece coat gold boy that lives in Oregon.  Love the calm gentle disposition of this guy, which is Max all over again.  He has matured to around 17 inches and nice and stocky.  He carries for phantom and possibly chocolate.

Komo lives with his guardian family in Bend, OR






The Girls   

Sunsethills Wrapped in Chocolate (Karley) ALF3Karley_sitting_sm.jpg

Cloudcather Mohawk Spirit + Sunsethills Bit O Choc

ALA # 0153-000-01
 Looking forward to having a litter from this girl.  Karley is a large medium/small standard chocolate fleece coat girl.  She LOVES everyone!  Nice chunky girl too.
Karley is fully health tested.




Sunsethills Paprika (Pika) bbee

 Sunsethills Heart of a Lion + Sunsethills Cameo (Max)

ALA # 015300002


Pika is a gorgeous golden apricot/caramel fleece coat girl.  She is medium in size with lovely boning, very stocky.  Pika has passed all her health testing.  Looking forward to this little lady being in our program.

Pika lives with her guardian family in Gawler, SA

Pika is fully health tested.


Sunsethills Centerfold  (Coco)Coco_Centerfold_10_months_small.jpg

Sunsethills Quicksliver + Sunsethills Fashion Statement

ALA # 015300003
Coco is an adorable mini dark chocolate curly fleece girl.  At four years old, her mother is still dark chocolate, so hoping this girl will keep her dark colour too.  She is a very soft natured sweet girl.  Coco carries for phantom and has produced rare phantoms with white on the chest.
 Coco has passed all her health testing.  Coco is on holiday and will not be having puppies until approx. late 2017 or early 2018.





Alpenridge Bit Of Jazz (Billie)

Adelhills Rhythm N Jazz  +  Rusty Work Of ArtBillie_head_small.jpg

ALA #015300101


Billie was born light chocolate and is turning into a lovely parchment as an adult.  She is a darling true miniature fleece coat with an absolutely wonderful disposition.  Such a cuddler and makes wonderful eye contact. Looking forward to litters with this little girl. Billie lives with her guardian in Woodville Park, SA.

Billie has passed all her health testing.

 Billie is on holiday and won't have puppies until late 2017.

Alpenridge Jazzmine

 Adelhills Rythm N Jazz + Sunsethills Caramel CornJazzmine_5_months.jpg
ALA # 015300301
Gorgeous caramel parti mini fleece coat girl.  This is a gorgeous puppy with a superb intelligence and temperament.  Was hard not to keep her here!  But she is enjoying life with her guardians in Ingle Farm, SA.
 Jazz has passed her health testing.
Alpenridge Cuz Ima Star (Macy)
Sunsethills Centerfold + Rustys RaggamuffinMacy_sitting_11_mos.jpg

ALF 015300401


Daughter of Coco, Macy is a small mini chocolate fleece girl with a zest for life and knows no strangers.  Adorable little girl.  Macy lives with her guardians at St. Agnes, SA.
 Macy has passed her health testing.


Alpenridge Choctoberfest  (Molly)  ALF3Choctoberfest_standing_side_photo.jpg

Sunsethills Wrapped in Chocolate (Karley) +

Adelhills Scottish Rogue (Coda)

ALA upgrade pending

Beautiful Molly is a chocolate cafe fleece coat girl large medium size.  She is a bundle of love and so happy.

Molly lives with her guardian home in Angle Vale, SA


Alpenridge Touch of Love (Lilly)lilly_1_year.jpg

Rusty's Touch of Gold (Gracie) +

Sunsethills Eat Your Heart Out (Osar)

ALA upgrade pending

Lilly is so much like her mother Gracie you would think they were sisters not mother/daughter.  Poor girl, it was really hot when we were taking pictures.  She was pretty patient about it all anyway.  Lilly lives with her guardian and another guardian girl, Indah.  Lilly is a small medium cream fleece coat.

Lilly has passed all her health testing.

Alpenridge Sweet Chili Pepper (Matilda)

Adelhills Sweet Jubilee + Sunsethills I'm Hot So WhatMatilda_sitting_9_mos_-_red_labradoodle.jpg

ALA upgrade pending

Matilda is a gorgeous red fleece large medium girl with a golden disposition.  She is a real delight.  Matilda enjoys the beach pretty much everyday with her guardian. 

Matilda has passed all her health testing.





Myamba Seaspray (Bella)

Romany Cindy + Eungai ArcherSeaspray_sitting-m.jpg

ALA upgrade pending

Bella is a cream fleece large mini girl.  Very happy, sweet little girl.  We are pleased to have her to add some new lines to our program.

It was a wet day on during her photo shoot so she didn't stay as fluffy as she usually is.

Bella is fully health tested.


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