Top Quality Australian Labradoodles
for Families and Breeders

Local Family Programs

If you live within 2 hours driving distance to One Tree Hill, SA for girl puppies or 1 hour for the boys, own your own home and have a fenced yard, you are welcome to apply for our program.

The guardian home program places our breeding dogs and puppies in permanent pet homes while still participating in the breeding program.

Benefits to the dog: She/he is a pet, in their permanent home, with all the love and companionship these dogs are bred for. Girls would come to Alpen Ridge for mating and whelping, then return to you between these times. Boys would only come for mating or go to the vet office for servicing and collection.

Benefits to you: A top quality Australian Labradoodle as a pet without paying pet price. Health testing paid by Alpen Ridge. Ongoing support from Alpen Ridge.

A great program for both the dog and the guardian homes!

Dogs available for the Local Family Program:


Expecting some guardian opportunities with litters due in March.  Apply now.



Dark Boy from Lilly's litter.  Mini to small Medium in size.  Very happy puppy.  Tail works really well :).  Ready for home 7th February.  Apply now!


Please complete our application if you are interested in being a guardian.  The application can be found here.