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Updated: 16 Sept 2017

"The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be."  Konrad Lorenz

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Chocolate phantom parti mini puppy: for Guardian home available for local family.  See more information on local family page


Patchi + Mick puppies are here

Born 16 Aug       All spoken for

Another surprise of parti puppies.  2 parti boys, 1 parti girl, 1 choc/tan phantom girl with white markings, 1 black/tan phantom girl with white markings, 1 black girl with white markings.  Very nice healthy babies.  Mum and babes doing well.  Patchi is being a good mum.



Molly + Cajun Puppies have arrived!

Born 10th Sept.                         

Molly and Cajun are beautiful large medium/small standard dogs with lovely temperaments.  They gave us a lovely litter of chocolates and caramel creams.  3 cream boys, 3 chocolate girls, 3 chocolate boys.  I will be going through the current applications and expect that they may all be spoken for.





Also see our Upcoming Litters. We are accepting applications and bookings for our upcoming litters. Don't delay, bookings are already being made.

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Submitting an application does not guarantee a puppy. Decision making time constraints are critical and are the responsibility of the applicants.

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Standard: 21 to 24 in, not over 25, (53cm to 63cm) at shoulder. Weight: 23kg to 30kg (50-65lbs).
Medium: 17 to 20 in, not over 21, (43cm to 52cm) at shoulder. Weight: 13kg to 20kg (30-45lbs).
Miniature: 14 to16 in, not over 17, (35cm to 42cm) at shoulder. Weight: 7kg to 13kg (15-25lbs).

Please note these size ranges are a guide and we will try to accurately predict the size that we think the puppy will mature to but some variation in size can happen even with like sized parents in these stages of development in the breed, so size cannot be guaranteed.
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We recommend the following books which can be found on 
  • The Art of Raising a Puppy (Monks of New Skete)
  • Dog Whisperer (John Richardson)
  • Cesar's Way (Cesar Millan)
  • The Dog Listener (Jan Fennell)
Puppy Arrival

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