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Upcoming Litters


NOTIFICATION:          Due to it being parvo season, I ask visitors to be diligent to not visit dog parks or other breeders before coming here and be prepared for disinfecting shoes and hands upon arrival before meeting dogs/puppies. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING I WANT TO PROTECT YOUR BABIES!

Please note: planned matings can change and a mating cannot be guaranteed until it has occurred. Alpen Ridge reserves the right to keep/sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies. Also, Alpen Ridge reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time, breeding quality or pet quality.

 Planned Matings

Depending on mother nature, these are our planned matings for puppies.  Once a mating has been done, a due date will be posted.

Lots of light colored puppies on the way!  Mother Nature is having a good time.  Some girls came into season months late and others way early.  So we will be having several puppies available if the girls are pregnant.  Taking bookings now.

 Alpen Ridge Sweet Chili Pepper (Matilda) + Alpen Ridge Hanzel

Due 7th March              Confirmed pregnant, estimating 8 puppies

 Matilda is currently in season and will be mated with Hanzel.  These should be gorgeous medium to standard fleece coat babies in cream to red in color.  Please note, most apricot/reds fade with age.

Matilda_sitting_9_mos_-_red_labradoodle.jpgRed Australian Labradoodle fleece coat.jpg

Alpen Ridge Music At Teatime (Rey) + Alpen Ridge Cauz N Effect (Chewie)

Due 5th February  Confirmed pregnant but unfortunately looks like only one puppy


Two darling minis.  Rey is a rare true parchment (born chocolate and goes parchment) and Chewie is a darling caramel.  Lovely temperaments.  Looking forward to these little ones.  Possible colors, chocolate (that will probably go light) and caramel.

Alpen Ridge Jazzmine + Taka

Due 8th March              confirmed pregnant but only 3 puppies


Unfortunately, due to the heat, Taka was only willing to honeymoon one morning, so we will have a small litter according to the ultrasound. Due to this the litter is most likely already all spoken for with current bookings. This is a repeat mating as the first time the pups were lovely.  Expecting wool coat red, red with white puppies.


  Alpen Ridge Cinnamon Twist (Cindy) + Alpenridge Story's Legacy (Tater)

Due 19th March

Due to poor semen quality, I had to choose a different stud.  So now puppies will be from Legacy, my chocolate merle boy.  Both Cindy and Tater are fleece coats.  Expecting miniature to small medium puppies.  I will want to keep a puppy for the guardian program from this litter.  Possible colors of cream/apricot/gold, black, chocolate, chocolate merle and blue merle and maybe phantom.



 Belissimo High Hopes (Loula) + Adelhills Raven's Flight (Raven)

Due March 27th

 Loula has been mated with Raven our multi gen boy.  Loula is brand new early generation F1 lines for Alpen Ridge to bring in new genetics.  She has a gorgeous temperament.  Raven lives here, darling large medium boy who has produced some really lovely babies for us.  There may be some hair/combo coats in this litter.  But also possibly some fleece.   Colors of cream/apricot/gold and black possible.  Expected to be medium to standard in size.



 Other girls that may have litters later in 2018:


Millie + (tbd) Millie is a darling little chocolate girl. 

Patchi + (tbd) Patchie has had one litter for us and they were gorgeous.  She is a chocolate mini.  Expecting to have a litter late 2018.





 Alpen Ridge reserves the right to change planned matings right up until the time of mating.