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Upcoming Litters


Please note: planned matings can change and a mating cannot be guaranteed until it has occurred. Alpen Ridge reserves the right to keep/sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies. Also, Alpen Ridge reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time, breeding quality or pet quality.

 Planned Matings

Depending on mother nature, these are our planned matings for puppies.  Once a mating has been done, a due date will be posted.

Alpenridge Cuz Ima Star (Macy) + Tiger Eye (Tigger)

True mini puppies.  Possible colors of chocolate, black, phantom and possibly sable.  Macy is a small mini darling fleece coat girl.  Tigger is a mini poodle bringing in some genetics for us and is a brindle, so there are many color possibilities.  Expecting wool and maybe fleece coats.


Macy is a true mini girl.  Very stocky little fleece coat girl.

Myamba Seaspray (Bella) + Alpenridge Storys Legacy (Tater)

Due 3rd August               Pregnancy confirmed

Expecting mini fleece coat puppies and possibly some wool as Tater has produced wool coats.  Bella is a very sweet cream large mini girl with a soft fleece coat (it was raining when we did photos).  Tater is a chocolate merle mini fleece coat boy whose semen I have imported.  Very excited about the possibility of having some chocolate and blue merles in this litter which are very rare.  See "Prices" for merles.  Example of an Alpen Ridge Blue Merle pup (Tater's full sister) is below.  Other possible colors are cream, black, phantom and possibly chocolate.


Tater's sister Callie a blue merle labradoodle:



Alpenridge Western Style (Patchi) + Ladd Hills McIver (Mick)

Due 17 August            Pregnancy confirmed


Mini puppies!  Darling Patchi is a mini chocolate girl with a white patch on her chest.  This is her first litter and very excited for these puppies to arrive.  Mick is a mini gold boy with a white patch on his chest.  He carries for phantom and hopefully Patchi does too.  Possible colors are black, chocolate, phantom, and possibly some with white markings.  Should be darling babies.  Expecting fleece coats maybe some curly fleece like Patchi.

 Alpenridge Choctober Fest (Molly) + SH Cajun

Due 12 Sept. 2017


So pleased that Cajun will be the daddy of this litter.  Both dogs have lovely temperaments.

Expecting medium to standard size in chocolate and caramel/cream.  Fleece coats and a chance of wool.

Alpen Ridge Bit of Jazz (Billie) + Taka

 Due 2 October


These will be small Mini puppies.  Blacks that might go charcoal or silver since Billie is a parchment.  There may also be some creams.  Expecting wool and curly fleece coats.  Both parents have lovely temperaments.  Taka has a lovely soft coat and so does Billy.  So should be really nice coats on the puppies.

Other girls that may have litters later in the year:


Still waiting on Macy!

Mini to Medium:

Lilly + Taka, mini to small medium cream/apricot


Loula, our new lines girl, depending on boy may be medium/standard puppies.

Karley + Bo  chocolate litter

 Alpen Ridge reserves the right to change planned matings right up until the time of mating.